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Major Contest History:

@JFSA The Pacific Ocean Freestyle Championships 2011 (Am) – 2nd

@No.4 in 2012 JFSA Flatland skateboard ranking

@Sui Cup 2012 (Am) -- 1st

@Murasaki Sports All Japan Skateboard Championship 2012 / North Kanto Area (Girl) -- 1st

@NASS 2013 Ladies' Skateboard Street (UK) -- 3rd

@Freestyle Skateboard World Championships 2013 (UK/Am) -- 3rd

@Megane Cup Flatland Contest 2014 (Girl) -- 1st 

@Megane Cup Flatland Contest 2015 (Pro/Ama) -- 2nd

@JFSA All Japan Freestyle Championships 2016 (Girl) – 1st

@Megane Cup Flatland Contest 2016 (Girl) -- 1st

@AJSA AMA KANTO 2016 1st (Girl) – 2nd

@AJSA AMA KANTO 2017 1st (Girl) – 1st

@Megane Cup Flatland Contest 2018 (Pro/Ama) -- 2nd

@WFSA freestyle 2018 ranking (Women) -- 1st

@World Freestyle Round-up 2019 (Canada/AMA)--- 4th


Mirei is a 19 year old Japanese girl skater. She’s been skating since she’s 8 years old.  She likes both freestyle skating and street style skating, and took part in several contests of freestyle skating, as well as park style ones from 2009, and had some prizes in both field. In 2012 annual JFSA (Japan Flatland Skateboard Association) ranking, she’s No.4 ranked. 

In 2018 WFSA Women's ranking 1st